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3-Day Ride to the Start of Sierra to the Sea

San Jose / Patterson / Pardee Reservoir / Coloma
June 15-17, 2023
Ride Leader - Don Axtell

This ride was created to give people on the Sierra to the Sea Tour (S2S) the option of riding up to the start and not take the bus (saving the $80 bus fee). This ride is also good for people that are not on the S2S, as this 3-day ride is a very fine mini-tour all by itself. Return transportation from Coloma is included with this tour. People not on S2S will be able to coordinate with others on the S2S who are looking for somebody to drive their car back.

A SAG vehicle(s) will be along to carry everybody's gear. The SAG will also act as reststops during each day. Each day is split up into about six sections, with the riders each driving a section as needed. Usually there are enough volunteers so that if someone wanted to ride their bike the whole way they could, but that is not guaranteed. Please study the SAG Details for descriptions of each section.

Each person is responsible for making their own motel reservation for the first night in Patterson. The other night will be camping, and the cost is included in the group fee. Whatever arrangements you make for this trip, please let Don know what they are. This way he might be able to assist in hooking people up to share a room or coordinate transport. Don might be able to help, but please be aware that you are responsible for making your own arrangements.

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