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Grant Ranch Campout
Fri-Sun May 13-15, 2011

ACTC's May campout, formerly at Del Valle Reservoir, will be at Grant Ranch County Park this year. It is a very nice campground, with lots of space to set up, shady oak trees, and free hot showers (that's right, no quarters needed). A SAG vehicle will be available to carry everybody's gear, and also haul the club's cooking trailer (maybe). Being closer to home, people will have options of road biking, mountain biking, hiking, traveling self-contained, or all or none of these things. People need to bring their own tent and sleeping bag. People are expected to sign up for the chores of cooking and cleaning up for the meals.

The start location is at Tony and Jean's house, near Tully and McLaughlin. Because Grant Ranch is much closer than Del Valle, people are encouraged to ride from home, either traveling self-contained, or drop your gear off the day before.