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King City Overnighter

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Reservations are needed to stay at Keefers Inn in King City. Their phone number is 831-385-4843. Keefers has a hot tub, pool, washer/dryer, and restaurant. A short hike away is a Safeway and a pizza parlor.

The Routes are set up for possible "leap frog" riding, using a SAG and shared driving. The one way mileage is 107 miles, but with Leap frog it could be as little as 58 miles of riding. This would allow a range of paces to be on the same ride. The route goes through Gilroy, then backroads to Hollister, then take Hwy 25 to Bitterwater, where it then cuts over the hill to King City. Here is a map of the route.

If the plan is to stay more than one night in King City, then there are many possibilities for day rides. You can ride to Mission San Antonio and/or Lake San Antonio, for example. These routes are listed on the King City routes page.