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Manresa State Beach Campout

Sept 27-28, 2008
Co-leaders: Donny Axtell and Fran Bryan

We had reserved 6 campsites (47,49,50,51,54,55), plus the Larson family reserved site 45, so we could comfortably handle up to 40 people. Self-contained touring is the preferred method to get there, but we will have a SAG along to haul the food and cooking gear, plus anyone's bags that they don't want to carry. The details for this campout are the same as our last one in Oct 2006.

Manresa Uplands State Beach Campground is located about a half mile further south on San Andreas Road from the Manresa Beach dayuse area. The campground has 61 sites, with all of them walk-in only. No cars in the campsites and no RV's allowed at all. But bikes can ride right in to camp.

The tour starts in at Fran's house in Campbell at 9:00, then heads to Los Gatos and along the trail up to Lexington Dam. Then around the reservoir and up Old Santa Cruz Hwy and down Soquel-San Jose Rd. The tour stops for lunch at Gayle's Bakery in Capitola and then arrives in camp just before 3:00, with 38 miles ridden for the first day.

Sunday's return has a leisurely start at 10:00, then travels over to Corralitos for an early lunch before climbing Eureka Canyon Rd. After another lunch at Summit Store, the tour descends Old Santa Cruz Hwy, then back around the reservoir and along the trail to Los Gatos, finally ending in Campbell at 4:00, with 45 miles ridden for the last day.

$20 will be enough to cover the cost of camping, food and SAG.

If interested, contact Donny Axtell at

If you want to camp at Manresa at some other time, then reservations can be made at

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