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Add a New Route

A new route can be added by filling out the form below.

Route number PAT012


Route Title / Description

The route description is also a list of keywords that can be searchable. 80 characters max. Do not use any single quotes('), double quotes("), slashes(/), or URL link in the route description. Remember, the route number already shows the start location, so that is not needed.

Distance (miles)
Climbing (feet)
Hilly_ratio (ft/mile) is 0.0

Distance is in miles, to the nearest 0.1 mile. Climbing is in feet. Try to make a good guess at the climbing. Hilly-ratio is calculated automatically.

Route map (optional) (needs to be PDF file)
none PAT012.pdf

A map file is optional, with the default being 'none'. Only option is *.pdf

Ride With GPS route number =

If using Ride With GPS, then enter the route number, and a link will be provided to that route.
A printable map and profile will be created for any Ride With GPS route

Route sheet (required) - Replace this text with the new route

A route sheet is required for every new route. Use plain text (no tabs, no single quotes, no double quotes, no URL link), with a listing of roads, Left and Right turns, and mileages along the way. You may also cut/paste from an Excel file, and it will be converted to plain text for you.

Your email address

Email address is required. (see below)

  • add this to pending approval list
  • send an email to Bikemaster
  • send you an email, asking for any
    route file(s) to be sent as attachments