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Rides Starting at Grant Ranch County Park

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Driving Directions
Take Hwy 680 north
exit at Alum Rock Ave
Right on Alum Rock
Right on Mt.Hamilton Rd
Grant Ranch is in the valley over the first hill.
Park along the road about a quarter mile past the park entrance.
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Hilly Ratio
Av. Speed
Total Time
Route Description
GRP001 GRP001 60.0 6744 112.4 10.75 07:58 To the Junction and Back, Mt. Hamilton Upper, Backside
GRP002 GRP002 53.9 5975 110.9 10.78 07:09 Del Puerto Canyon, Backside, from Lick Observatory
GRP003 GRP003 37.2 4127 110.9 10.78 04:56 To the Junction and Back, from Lick Observatory
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